Friday, October 29, 2010

Because it's Friday

Because my brain function is at all all time low.

Because I have multiple post ideas that are half done and yet I have neither the energy or brain function (see above) to finish.

This is a list. . . totally random, totally me.

1.  Why oh why must I always get behind the slowest driver in the world when I am in a rush?  Seriously it is like Murphy's Law with a side dish of Christy's Luck.

2.  I never think of myself as a perfectionist.  See my house and you will see this is true. But this morning, upon bringing a chocolate cake with pretty orange frosting to work, I discovered the top had been smashed and some of the frosting had peeled off. . . . and I almost (no joke) threw the whole cake away.  Does this indicate I have a problem?

3.  What is the deal with senior pictures now days?  I have seen some lately (beauty of facebook) where these kids have like 10 outfit changes and their pictures (girls especially) are in like these model/sexy poses. . . . aren't these kids like 17, 18???  Maybe I am jealous -  if you see my senior pictures you would ask how my stomach felt becuase I look slightly sick. 

4.  I love getting coffee from a coffee shop. . .  but here's the kicker.  I enjoy the coffee, but for me it is more of a mental treat.  I love the feel of the cardboard coffee cup, the smell, the comfort and taste that first sip brings. . . . really, is there something wrong with me?  I rarely finish my cup too. . . what a waste I know, but hey that's how I roll.

5.  My kids are the cutest kids ever.  Ever.  Just sayin'.

6.  I have determined that my house will never be clean like I imagine it should.  You know ladies/moms-the "should" picture you have in your mind.  All the toy bins labeled and toys actually in them.  The clothes all hung up nicely in the closets or in their respective labeled dirty clothes bin.  Dishes/food put away in the cabinets with specific, labeled places for everything.  Yes, I know I have a thing about labeling. . .I am sure you are thinking, "hey if I stopped by Christy's house, everything would be labeled".  Well, yeah you thought wrong.  Oh so wrong.

7.  I am starting not to care about number 6.  My kids know that I love them, my hubby knows that I love him.  Now I just need to let myself love myself - in spite of my dirty house.

8.  I would hire a cleaning lady in a heartbeat if we could even come close to affording it.  Seriously, I would give up a lot to have a cleaning lady.  A toe, finger, possibly even a kidney (I have 2 after all).

9.  Maybe I care more about number 6 than I would like to admit.  But I am working on it.

Have a great weekend everyone!  And Dee, are you happy now?????