Friday, March 25, 2011

Giveaway time!

I am jumping on the blog wagon and doing a giveaway!  I have never won any of the giveaways that I have entered, but I still think they are fun (especially PW's)!

So my giveaway is one set (2) of Sakura Votive Holders from PartyLite

Cherry blossoms symbolize peace, which makes the Sakura Votive Holder a vital accent for any home. A stylish etched cherry blossom pattern laces a glass votive cup, producing a dazzling glow.   (3" high)

How to win:
In the comments of this blog, tell me about your worst hair disaster!  We have all been there. . . and I have many many photos of my many many disasters!  I promise to post a pic of myself when I announce the winner.  If you are one of the few (if any) who have never experienced a hair disaster (or are just too embarrassed), tell me your favorite color. 

I will leave this giveaway open until Monday at 5pm and then announce the winner Tuesday, March 29.  I will use to choose the winner. 

Votive holders will be shipped (or delivered if you live in town) at my expense. 

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, etc. - the more the merrier!


Amber said...

With naturally curly hair - I've had many hair disasters. I've had haircuts that make my head look like a giant triangle, as well as ridiculous bangs that refuse to lay flat. I can't even pinpoint the worst hair disaster because I've had so many.

H. Sistad said...

In the early 90s, my cousins all had boy cuts and cut my hair like that too...somehow my little sister missed out. My mom regretted letting me do it.

Joy said...

Unlike you, my dear sister, I didn't have nearly as many hair disasters as you did......but there was one time when I was a teenager that I tried to color my hair with a lovely product called "medium brown ash", it ended up being medium brown with a lovely tint of green. It was awesome.

Christy said...

I am thinking I should have made it a requirement to post a picture as well. . . but I am loving the stories. . . and Joy, I like to think that you learned from my mistakes. . . something I never seemed to do when it comes to hair!!!