Friday, September 24, 2010

A day in the life. . .

This is an average day in our house.  Piper up at 6:00 (sometimes she lets us sleep till 6:15!), Mark gets her dressed while I start to get ready.  Mark usually gives Piper a little snack of yogurt and Cheerios.  Isaac gets up at 6:50 (when his little clock turns green) and Mark gets him dressed while I finish getting ready.  Goal is to be out the door around 7:12 so I can be pulling out of the driveway at 7:15. . . some days this happens, most days I am pulling out at 7:20.  After we leave, Mark gets ready in peace.  I drop kids off at daycare (after I have come upstairs, given Isaac at least 3 kisses, 2 hugs and Piper at least 2 kisses and a hug - Isaac 'demands' this) and then speed to work, driving by the coffee shop wishing I had more time and money to stop. 

Then I am at work from 8-5 as is Mark.  Mark picks up the kids and gets home around 5:30.  I get home about 5:15.  We get dinner ready, talk about the day, eat, play, go to park, give kids bath, put Piper to bed at 7:45, Isaac starts bedtime routine at 8:15-he is HOPEFULLY (but rarely) sleeping at 8:45 (more like 9-and yes, I know, we are working on this), maybe occasionally clean the house (and I do mean maybe occasionally) get online for 5 minutes, decide we are pooped and are in bed at 9:30.  The time from 5-9:30 really does seem to go by as fast as this last paragraph-it is crazy.

Why have I just bored you with our day?  Because 5 days a week, this is our day.  Maybe a few variations here or there if we have to go to the store, but all in all-this is our life. 

It is SO easy to complain about the mundane routine of this life. . . but then I read about a fellow blogger at A Cracked Pot or The Real Life of a Red Head and I am reminded that I have so very very much to be thankful for and no reason to complain.

I am healthy, I can play and be active with my kids and husband.  I can cook for them.  I can clean for them (although I don't as often as I should).  My kids are healthy.  The only thing keeping me awake with worry is a cough from Piper's recent cold.  Not too major-just run of the mill stuff.  I am not fearful of my child crashing, needing emergency surgery or dying. 

Mark asks why I read some of the blogs I do.  Yes, some of them are sad, some don't always have 'happy' endings, but all give me a chance to get out of myself, pray for others and I benefit too by being reminded that life is precious and I have so very much to be thankful for.