Friday, September 24, 2010

A day in the life. . .

This is an average day in our house.  Piper up at 6:00 (sometimes she lets us sleep till 6:15!), Mark gets her dressed while I start to get ready.  Mark usually gives Piper a little snack of yogurt and Cheerios.  Isaac gets up at 6:50 (when his little clock turns green) and Mark gets him dressed while I finish getting ready.  Goal is to be out the door around 7:12 so I can be pulling out of the driveway at 7:15. . . some days this happens, most days I am pulling out at 7:20.  After we leave, Mark gets ready in peace.  I drop kids off at daycare (after I have come upstairs, given Isaac at least 3 kisses, 2 hugs and Piper at least 2 kisses and a hug - Isaac 'demands' this) and then speed to work, driving by the coffee shop wishing I had more time and money to stop. 

Then I am at work from 8-5 as is Mark.  Mark picks up the kids and gets home around 5:30.  I get home about 5:15.  We get dinner ready, talk about the day, eat, play, go to park, give kids bath, put Piper to bed at 7:45, Isaac starts bedtime routine at 8:15-he is HOPEFULLY (but rarely) sleeping at 8:45 (more like 9-and yes, I know, we are working on this), maybe occasionally clean the house (and I do mean maybe occasionally) get online for 5 minutes, decide we are pooped and are in bed at 9:30.  The time from 5-9:30 really does seem to go by as fast as this last paragraph-it is crazy.

Why have I just bored you with our day?  Because 5 days a week, this is our day.  Maybe a few variations here or there if we have to go to the store, but all in all-this is our life. 

It is SO easy to complain about the mundane routine of this life. . . but then I read about a fellow blogger at A Cracked Pot or The Real Life of a Red Head and I am reminded that I have so very very much to be thankful for and no reason to complain.

I am healthy, I can play and be active with my kids and husband.  I can cook for them.  I can clean for them (although I don't as often as I should).  My kids are healthy.  The only thing keeping me awake with worry is a cough from Piper's recent cold.  Not too major-just run of the mill stuff.  I am not fearful of my child crashing, needing emergency surgery or dying. 

Mark asks why I read some of the blogs I do.  Yes, some of them are sad, some don't always have 'happy' endings, but all give me a chance to get out of myself, pray for others and I benefit too by being reminded that life is precious and I have so very much to be thankful for.


beccarankin said...

Thanks for the prayers! And I wasn't bored by your day. I love to see how other families work! You get out of the door so fast! I'm impressed. And my little ones have lights that turn green about the same time yours do:-)Do you know Jess Rivers? Just saw you live in Moorhead.

Christy said...

Thanks for your comment. . . and yes we scoot the kids right along in the morning. . ideally it would not be so rushed with my son, but he does not go to bed until later than I would like (which is why we are working on that) and so I like to let him sleep as long as possible. Thank God for breakfast at daycare!
You have been in my prayers so much these past few days. . . and no I do not know Jess, but I do follow her blog which I found through Heidi Sistad (whom I do know). :)