Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Potty training, sick kids and life in between

Even after I typed the title to this post, I chuckled to myself. . . what life in between?  When these 2 occasions are happening, life pretty much revolves around the toilet and the doctor.

We started potty training Isaac on Saturday, January 16 after reading a book that our dear daycare provider Mary gave us.  It is called Toilet Training in Less Than a Day and that along with Isaac practically begging to use the toilet all the time worked for us.  We did not follow the book exactly, but it was very helpful!  Isaac had 3 accidents the first weekend and 2 accidents the following week and since then has been a star!  We are so proud of him!  He even stays dry at night.  Although we are now having to work on not letting him get up 6 times/night to pee. . . *sigh*.  But overall I consider it a success.

Piper has been congested for MONTHS and we have just attributed it to common cold, teething, weather, virus, etc.  Her pediatrician agreed - well, finally we had enough and lo and behold before we went in for her 15 month appt. she spiked a fever and her pediatrician said she had a double ear infection and possible sinus infection.  It is so hard to tell in kids. . . becuase they do get snot nosed from a whole lot of things.  We love our pediatrician and appreciate his candor, willingness to listen and manner with our kids.  So, we are on round 2 of antibiotics. . . . first one wasn't strong enough. . . *sigh*.

I know the above information is not super interesting, but I wanted to A) document it B) get past writers block C) brag about my boy ;)!! ha!

Life otherwise has been the same and different.  I feel like I God is drawing me in a new direction-I feel like passions that I once had and thought were dead are coming back to life and passions I never had are coming to the surface.  My desire for God is so strong and I feel a change is coming.  And yet, for the first time ever, I feel a peace and contentment in His timing.  I am not trying to force anything - which if you know me, is a miracle.  I see God's timing and hand on my life of being a wife, a mom, an employee and most importantly, a child of God being prepared.  Does that make sense to anyone but me?  Keep in mind I have not written anything in months! 

I guess ultimately I know that He will guide my steps - I just want to continue to delight myself in Him.  I heard an artist on the radio talking about a recent song say that if you want to build a relationship with God, just do the things you would do to get to know someone in any other relationship in life.  Sounds simple, but what a profound thought-I felt like a lightbulb went off.  Yes, I know, sometimes I am slow.

Well, here's to hoping writer's block is gone - I apologize if this post is random and ambiguous. . . but then again it's my blog. . . .

Happy Wednesday!

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