Monday, August 2, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

I don't know what to write about today, but then I realized hey, this is my blog that is for me first and foremost and I love to write, so who cares if I make any sense?

Forgive the randomness of the following entries and they are not in chronological order, but this is what has been on my mind lately.

Thought 1:
I found out that a former co-worker was just diagnosed with terminal cancer-it is in her lungs, liver and brain.  She found out about 3 weeks ago and hospice care has come in to assist her.  She has one son who is in his 20s and a brother, but that is about it for family (that I am aware of).  She is a very independant, strong (to a fault maybe) woman who loves her son.  I cannot imagine finding out one day that you have maybe a couple months to live.  How does your brain process this?  I don't know where she is at in her beliefs, but I get the impression she is not a christian.  I have been specifically praying for the Holy Spirit to move in her heart and if she has not already that she make a comittment to Christ. . . it is never too late.  I think back to when I worked with her and wonder if I missed opportunities to share with her.  But then I think that God loves her more than I could ever imagine and even if I "missed" my chance, it is not I who do the saving.

Thought B:
I have discovered that I am afraid to be alone with our kids.  Wow, hard for me to admit that, but it is true to some degree.  Mark has had some side work going on the last couple weekends and this project and others will keep his weekends tied up for a while.  It dawned on me the other day why I get so uptight before the weekend.  The amount of energy, planning, patience, did I say energy that are needed for me to have this awesome quality time with my kids is overwhelming for me and kind of freaks me out.  I feel like I need to make the time we have on the weekends super fun and meaningful (yes I realize my kids are 2 and 10 months) since I am away from them for 40 hours/week.  It has reminded me of an article I read a long time ago about a divorced dad who every weekend had this big huge outing planned for his kids. . . he wanted their time together to be special and show them that he loved them.  One day after months and months of the zoo, picnics, Chuck E Cheese, horseback riding, movies, carnivals, etc., one child said, "Dad, can we just stay home?"  The father wondered if he did something wrong, if the kids didn't like being with him and so he asked just that.  The child responded, "No we love being with you, but Dad you don't need to entertain us all the time, just be with us."  Lightbulb moment for me. . . . so this weekend, I am just going to go with the flow and just hang out with my kids.

Thought 3:
Isaac started swimming lessons tonight. . . .oh my what a little cutie!  He was so excited and he did so well.  Since he is only 2, Mark was with him and I think Mark had just as much fun as Isaac.  Piper and I watched and sweated to death as it is an indoor pool with 150% humidity.  I stripped off Pipers' bottoms early on and wished I could do the same for me!!!

Isaac and Mark getting ready to go swimming!

Isaac so proud that he was 'standing' in the pool (they have a platform that is in the water so the little kiddies can stand).

I know this is not the greatest picture, but I was trying to catch Isaac's delighted face-Mark's too!  But, my photography skills are lacking, so this picture is what you get instead.

"Seriously Mommy, why am I sweating to death out here when there is a nice refreshing pool 20 feet away?"
(And yes, I gave in and gave her a nuk because she was hot and tired, I was hot and tired and really she is still a baby-so there)

Thought C4:
It is such a joy to watch the kids discover and like new things.  We bought some new tupperware the other day and I took it out of the box and let Piper play with it for a while before I washed and put it away (ok, so it is washed but not put away yet).  You would have thought we bought her FAO Schwartz (I may have mispelled that but you get the point).  She LOVED it. . . . she sat and played with those tupperware containers for a good 15 minutes and would have continued has it not been bedtime and mean mom came over and ruined her fun.  Note to self:  buy kids household items for toys. . . they are much cheaper and they like them so much better!  Christmas list:  plastic serving spoon, check; tupperware, check; toilet paper, check check!

And now a moment to show random pictures of the kids. . . just because I can!

"Mom, don't interrupt. . . we're playing!"

Yes I realize she is wearing the same shirt as the pool picture, but hey I love the shirt!  Look at that smile!!!  Ah-LOVE it!

Much to the delight of his father, Isaac has decided he likes to wear my shoes. . .the ones with heels.

And one final question-does anyone know how to load pictures faster?!?!?  It took me WAY too long to put these pics up.


A.H. Sistad said...

It takes me forever to upload pics at a time is really a pain. Maybe I'm just so used to Shutterfly & Facebook. :)

Also, for your thought #2: Weston gets SOO excited for "Stay-Home-Day"!! He just loves to be at home. With his own toys. I'm relieved but it when he first said "is it Stay-home-day?!?!" it was a lightbulb for me too! DUH! :)

Isaac looks like he's having fun with swimming! W&W went to Concordia too...that platform is a great idea for the little guys!

Amber said...

Hi Christy - just wondering if you're using the most current editor version because you should be able to upload multiple pictures at a time. I do!

Christy said...

Amber-Ummm. . . say what? I have no idea what editor version I have. . . or even what the editor version is???? Help! I am lost in blogging world!