Thursday, May 19, 2011


At this point 3 years ago, I was in a surreal place.  I had just hit the call button and when the nurse's voice came through I said, "Um, I have a question about my son-could someone come down here?"

My son. 

Wow-saying those words for the first time the morning he was born felt so strange.  I thought the nurse would come in and say, "You don't have a son, that was just a dream!"

Of course that day and for many after I had lots and lots and lots of questions.  Should he be making those noises when he sleeps?  Should he really be spitting up this much?  Did he really have to pee on my toast and poop on my pants simultaneously our first night at home? 

But that feeling of having a son - of being a parent - still at times feels so surreal.

Especially today, on his 3rd birthday.  How am I the mom to a 3 year old little boy who is the most intelligent, kind, inquisitive, impatient boy I know? 

He amazes me everyday with the things he asks and the knowledge he absorbs.  He is independent and yet needs to know that we are there always encouraging, watching, praising him.  He is a great big brother and is so gentle with Piper - except of course when she has something he wants.

He loves to read bible stories - especially the one about "dem bones" (Ezekiel) - and he has his nightly prayer memorized.

"Dear Jesus, Thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Piper, Marley, Grandpa Paul, Grandma Liz, Grandpa Leo, Michelle, Mike, Lorrie, Samantha, Clay, Zachary, Matthew, Olivia, Gail, Ryan, Riley, Jacob, Joy, Mary, Steve, Samuel, Frederik, Samuel's Grandma & Grandpa, Ian, Khloe, Kahlea, Grace, Holly, Isabelle, Max, Isla, Levi, Amanda, Alyssa, Melissa, Cory, Harry, Maggie, Shane & Jill and everyone who loves me.  In Jesus name, Amen!"

Isaac Mark I love you more than words could ever express.  You are the delight of my heart and I pray daily that God draws you to Him and that He teaches your Daddy and me how to guide you through this life.  You are a blessing to everyone you meet.  Have a wonderful 3rd birthday, Bubba!


Getting back to me said...

Happy birthday from Holly and Isabelle! We miss you sweet boy!

beccarankin said...

He sounds precious! I love their prayers. He sounds like my sister Rae used to when she prayed. She even remembered to ask Jesus to help my dad remember to lock the front door.