Monday, June 27, 2011

In a perfect world. . .

. . .I would wake up each morning when my alarm went off (not 20 minutes later), pop out of bed, feeling rested and ready to conquer the day.

. . .my kids would not whine.  Ever.

. . .someone would come in and wash my hair and fix it for me every morning, while I sipped coffee and read.

. . .I would find fullfillment in everything I'm doing and where I am at, instead of feeling like I am just going through the motions in some areas.

. . .dishes would clean themselves.

. . .and so would clothes, floors, bathrooms (especially toilets), dogs, etc.

. . .I would never obsessively worry about things I have no control over.

. . .I would not work a 8 to 5 job.

. . .my kids would never get sick, hurt, or scared.

. . .I would not care what people think of me, instead of just pretending not to care what people think and then inside being terrified that they won't like me.

This list could go on and on. And probably about more important things like salvation, world hunger, crime, etc., but for now and in my little world, this is where I am. 

I feel like we (Mark & I and family) are in a time of transition. 

What's changing you ask? 


Nothing at all except for a sense of movement in our hearts and minds. 

Towards what you ask? 

No idea. 

Not a clue. 

See how informative I am today?

All I do know is that I am remaining open to change and  trying to remain open even if that change is not what I had in mind (even though I don't have anything in mind). 


Annoyed with what I am trying to say but failing at miserably??? 

Welcome to my brain.

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Devan said...

I could work on that not caring what people think thing too.