Thursday, May 12, 2011

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Did you guys ever watch that show?  I used to watch it after school. . .  and then there was another show too that I watched that had a lady cop in it. . .maybe. . .totally blanking out on the name-help anyone?  Anywho, that is a totally random thought, but it fits perfectly with my life lately.

Just a run down of where I have been, what I have been doing.  These are listed in no particular order.

1)  The Puke Fest of 2011
This event started with my lovely daughter puking up spaghetti all over her crib one Friday night. . . . and then she continued to puke. . . .one key thing to note is that earlier in the evening she had smashed her head on a hard plastic corner of a bin in the living room (yes, we had an empty, totally pointless, bin out in the living room.  Why?  Why not???).  And of course as all slightly neurotic mothers know, if a child pukes more than 2 times after hitting their head, you need to have them looked at-so a phone call was made to my parents who came over to stay with Isaac (who thankfully slept through all of this) and Mark & I were off to the ER with Piper.  Oh did I mention she puked in the van on the way to the hospital?  And then again while we were sitting in the waiting room?  And again once we got back in the room to see the sweet ER doc??  Yes, it was quite a night. 
By the time we got to the ER she had a fever, so the doctor figured it was something viral and just a coincidence that she had hit her head, but he wanted to be sure, so off to get a CT scan we went.  I will not tell you what an awful experience that was. . . .everything from me having to pin down my child to the incredibly rude, obnoxious, jerk of a CT tech guy who was 'helping' us (and yes, he did glare at me when I was unable to hold my screaming, terrified, 18 month old child perfectly still while a loud, large, scary looking machine circled around her head-my apologies you giant jerk).  If you haven't noticed, I may have some unresolved anger at that man.  But, thankfully we got it done (with Mark & I holding Piper down-yeah, I didn't sleep that night because I kept seeing her horrified face) and the tests showed she was fine.  So, we took her home and she slept on and off all night.
Cue Saturday morning. . . . Isaac spikes a temp and Piper keeps puking, so off I went to Walgreen's to fill her prescription of Zofran and we tucked in for a day of sick kids.  Little did we know that this was just the beginning. 
To make this incredibly long story and even longer week short, I will summarize by saying that I got sick Sunday and by the end of the week we (and by we I mostly mean Mark) had cleaned up more puke and diarrhea than any person should ever have to deal with.  It.Was.AWFUL.  The only one not to get sick was Mark, but we both missed a week of work.  Some people take vacations-our family gets sick.

2)  Dave Ramsey gazelle intense debt pay off.
This event has started with me getting a seasonal 2nd job.  I work at a greenhouse for about 8 weeks this summer - it is so fun!!  I love being outside and working with so many different people.  It also makes for a very, very crazy schedule and not a lot of family time.  But it is only for a season and we know that being debt free is so very important to our future.

3)  Volunteering
I have taken a pretty big volunteer role for an event that is coming to our area this fall.  This is in an area  that I used to dream about doing and so having the opportunity to do it, well, it's like God is giving me some of my dreams back.  I am sure I will be talking more about this event as it gets closer, but it is the opportunity to share the Gospel with people in a real, relevant, culturally current way.  It is bringing churches from all denominations together for one goal and purpose, setting aside theological differences for the ultimate goal of reaching people, specifically young people, with the Gospel and the love of Christ.

4)  C-word
I went to my dermatologist a month or so ago to have him check out 3 moles.  I am a moley (not sure if that is a word) person and have had moles removed before-they all check out fine, no big deal.  But, my chiropractor and an urgent care doc had both said I should get this one particular mole checked out.  So, in I went, off they came and they said they would send me a letter or call with the results.  Okay I thought and put it our of my mind.  Fast forward a few days and I get a call from dermatology.  She says we have the results and proceeds to tell me the first 2 moles are fine, but the 3rd (actually 3rd & 4th since what I thought was 1 mole was actually 2) were moderately atypical and the doctor would like you to come back in so he can do an excision.  Ummm, okay.  She said, "It's not cancer, but it could become cancer. . . or it could stay how it is forever, but we just like to be cautious."  Ummmmm, okay.  And so off I went a week later to have an excision (which I had no idea what they were going to do).  When I got to my appt., my doctor explained that if white is not cancer and black is cancer, my cells in this mole were gray.  And sometimes cells are mildly gray and sometimes cells are moderately gray.  Guess which I had? Yep. . . so he cut a big chunk out of my arm along with some healthy cells so that they could test and make sure they got everything.  He also took a sample of another mole on my back to biopsy.  This was last Friday.  I got a call yesterday (I am starting to dread phone calls from a certain phone number) and the great news is they got all the "pre-cancer" cells from my arm. . . .the not so great news is that the one on my back is moderately atypical and so I need to have another excision. . . . and I found another mole that has been changing so they will biopsy that one as well when I go in.  The doctor said the more you atypical moles you have, the closer they watch you, but it doesn't mean I am guaranteed to get cancer. 
The crazy thing about all this is that I really am at peace. . . .and most people wouldn't describe me as a calm, peaceful person in times of stress.  But I am truly resting in the Lord and understanding that He knows what is going on.  I also know that He is my Healer.

5)-8)  Garage Sale, Travel, Family Visiting, Birthday
We had a garage sale that we decided to do at the last minute-not fun to be pricing things at midnight (which is why all the baby clothes were $.50!!).  But we had a great turn out - debt be gone!!
Mark & I are going out of town tomorrow morning and the kids are staying with Grandma & Grandpa-I haven't packed a single thing and we are leaving the house at 6:15 tomorrow morning. 
Mark's sister is coming into town tonight - our house is well, less than company ready, so it's a good thing she's family!! 
And Isaac's 3rd b-day is next week. . . and I just started planning it this week. 

So. . . .that is where I have been.  Whew!


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Crazy week. I know all about dreading that certain number on my phone. I'll be praying that none of them are cancer.

Where did you get your tat and what does it look like?

Alyssa Aarhaus said...

So proud of you and your debt-free goals! Love the posts, lady.