Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling fuzzy

I have a headache. . . sounds pretty tame, normal, take some Advil and call it good, right?  Well, this headache is going on day 7. . . . Advil is no longer my friend after taking 4 every 4 hours for a week. 

So I went to the doctor, added new daily med (on top of the one I already take) and got a prescription for drugs to take for pain. 

Went to pharmacy to fill pain med prescription only to find out they no longer make that medicine.  Of course this is after 5pm and so the clinic is now closed.  Wait till next morning, go to clinic only to find out my doctor is in Grand Forks today and no other doctor feels comfortable prescribing something else. . . . which in a normal state of mind I understand. . . but I was not in a normal state of mind.  I was in the Hello-I-Have-Not-Been-Pain-Free-In-6-Days. . . . .and oh my kid didn't sleep worth crap last night, so give me some freaking drugs!!!!! 

Alas, Mark & I called pharmacies in the area and found one that had 20 pills left (which will get me thru about 4 days)- I felt like a crack addict when I told the pharmacist to please hold them for me, I would be right over. 

And so I took pain meds. . . and they helped. . . for a little bit.  Until Mr. Headache came back laughing and taunting me. . . . SO FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am waiting for doctor's office to call back so I can see if there is a new magic pill out there for me to try.

I am usually pretty good about dealing with my constant headaches, but every once in a while, I get plain sick of them. . . . and today is one of those days.

Okay, enough whining. . . I think my 2 year old is rubbing off on me.  He has taken the art of whining to a whole new level.  Seriously, if whining was an Olympic sport, Isaac would be a gold medalist.  His whining in the morning while rushing around to get ready and out the door. . . wow, if it wasn't so irritating and obnoxious, I would almost be proud of how tenacious he is and his stamina to whine about the same thing for so long.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Valerie said...

I'm sorry to hear your having a tough time w/ headaches! I've had my battles with them too! Praying for you! Headaches are mysterious, but there has got to be an explaination! Hope you get some fast relief Chirsty!

Christy said...

Thanks Val! I appreciate the prayers!