Thursday, February 3, 2011

How do you decide?

I truly am asking this in a hypothetical, but not rhetorical manner.  We are not contemplating any major life changing decisions right now. . . unless you count what color the downstairs bathroom should be and how on earth to teach our son to not whine for everything. . . .

How do you make the big decisions in your life?  The ones like. . .

. . .what career should I choose,
. . .should I switch careers,
. . .should we have kids,
. . .should we have more kids,
. . .should we buy this house or that house,
. . .should we move to this city or stay where we are at,
. . .do I stay home with the kids or go back to working outside the home? . . .
. . .and all the others that I can't think of but I am sure we all encounter throughout life.

Do you pray, seek counsel from friends, family, go with your gut?  Does it take you months or days. . . or hours to decide?  Do you find you and your spouse (if you have one) typically agree or is there usually a compromise?  Do you feel good after making a big decision or do you have 'buyers remorse'?

I am curious. . . . and I love to hear from you . . . . . . . . .all 4 of you ;)!

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H. Sistad said...

All of the above!!
I guess for us, it depends on the situation. Some decisions aren't for any one else to know about (like how many kids to have) so you can only talk to each other and God about that one. It never hurts to get counsel from family/friends when it comes to situations that they've also encountered (buying a house). As far as going with my gut? I rarely do that because I'm such a researcher. I weigh the pros and cons over and over. We had buyers remorse after we bought our first house. It was a money pit. So, we sold it. Then regretted that because we inherited a little bit of money a week before we closed and could've finished the basement finally and sold it for way more! Sometimes you can't win. :) I never decide anything in hours. It takes me a few days. Or, if I'm shopping and I impulsively pick up something I just can't decide if I really want, I carry it around for 15 minutes and if after 15 minutes I still think I need/could use it, I get it. Most of the time I put it back :) That's just me. Now, only 3 more people to comment :)