Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh why not?

I love that the day I want my hair to look nice for a luncheon fundraiser, it is frizzy, flat, and static-y (yes that's a word).  This is actually not that different than any other day, but why can't it look nice just once?!

I love that the day I am wearing 'less' clothing (little black dress for fundraiser), I am sweating more than ever.  I just returned from the rest room after sticking wads of toilet paper in my armpits to soak up the sweat. . . . . . . . seriously.  I did throw them away before leaving the rest room - otherwise that would be gross. 

(I am pausing here for you to laugh, gag, find a different blog to read, etc.)

But what I really do love is that today is my Friday, tomorrow I get a whole day with my wonderful husband and tomorrow night I get to drive to Bismarck to see my wonderful friend Christina. 

Happy Friday Thursday!

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