Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy "Holiday Made Up by Hallmark" Day!

I don't believe it, but Mark (and a lot of other men) does.  Valentine's Day is a fun day for me. . . .I don't go all out, but any excuse to buy candy, get flowers and most importantly show love, is a good day to me.  And it's not that Mark hates the day. . . I think just the pressure to make it extra special is what bugs him.  So, we keep it pretty low key. 

I know there are probably 50 million blog posts today about love and their significant other. . . so here is the 50,000,001 post.

Mark & I went on our first date Feb. 3, 2004.  He had asked me out the night before. . . for that same night, but I *ahem* lied (not proud) and said I had to babysit that night. . . .after all I didn't look very cute after a long day at work! 

Anywho, the point is that when Valentine's Day rolled around, we had only been dating a couple weeks and I had told my brother weeks prior that I would babysit for him that night.  So, during the day we went to a track meet at Concordia and then decided to have an early supper.  Considering we had only been dating a short time, I didn't want there to be a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day. . . and there are only so many places in Moorhead to eat. . . so we went to Village Inn on V-Day!  It was actually really fun.  We were there super early, so we ate with all the old-timers.  It was so fun to see all these cute old couples or groups of little old ladies eating together. 

Fast forward to the next year - we are now 2 weeks past being engaged (he asked a year to the day of the first day he asked me out) and we decided to make Village Inn part of our tradition!  No waiting and inexpensive. . . plus, it was part of our story.

We have now gone to Village Inn every year since. 

I wish I could accurately put into words how I feel about Mark.  He is the best man that I know.  He is a servant to the core.  He loves unconditionally.  He gives without seeking a return.  He is my best friend.  I would rather sit around with him and do nothing than go do anything else with anyone else.

Mark is an amazing dad.  He continually challenges me to be a better mom.  Not by anything he says, but by how present he is with our kids all the time.  He truly enjoys being together as a family, playing with the kids, making up silly games.  Where as I struggle at times needing a break, he seems to never need a break (although I know he appreciates it when he gets one). 

Mark has a heart for God.  He is quiet about his faith, but it is strong nonetheless.  These last few years as we have journeyed together to build our faith as a couple, he is open to the things God has for him and for us as a family.

I used to hear people say that they love their spouse more today than the day they married them and I would wonder how that is possible.  I have learned that it is possible because you have experienced the ups and down of life with that person.  Mark has seen me with bed head and stinky breath.  He has seen me in a bad mood and when I whine about nothing.  He has walked with me through my inner struggles and fears.  He has rejoiced with me in the births of our kids.  He has laughed with me about nothing.  He has shared more inside jokes and silent communication than anyone else.  I can say that I truly do love Mark more today than the day I married him.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mark - and I can't wait to be that "cute old couple" at Village Inn someday! 


Alyssa Aarhaus said...

My mom's birthday is on Valentine's Day so we always celebrated it as such. Not big into flowers and stuff, so we try to just spend uninterrupted time together that day. What a fun tradition you guys have!

Christy said...

That is kinda fun to have a birthday on V-Day! It seems like the more people I talk to, the more I find out we are not alone in our low-key celebrations! Thanks for commenting!