Sunday, June 27, 2010

Attitude Check

I guess I have always known that my attitude made a difference, but not until being married and even more so with kids, have I begun to see that my attitude seems to be a huge determining factor in if we are going to have a good day or not. 

This past Saturday, my parents came over to help us get stuff up on the walls - finally!  As I sit here typing it is so nice to look around and see pictures and candles and other fun stuff on the walls instead of just walls.  Any who, back to attitude.  The kids slept awful Friday night. . . . honestly I think they know when we have things planned the next day.  SO, I woke up very tired and bitchy slightly cranky.  This proceeded to go downhill during the course of the morning.  Mark & I made snide remarks back and forth (I'm sure my parents were impressed at our communication skills)  until my husband finally had enough at the lunch table and flat out told me he wasn't talking to me for a while after I made some comment.  I pouted for a while (I'm sure my parents were impressed with my maturity) and then decided that some things weren't going to change.  I was going to be tired all day.  Our kids were going to be with us all day and therefore making getting things done around the house a little more challenging.  So, I could change my attitude.  I actually had this whole conversation in my head. . . .and then I proceeded to pout a little more.  I know, you all are amazed at my maturity.

I finally went into the kitchen, apologized to Mark and we ended up having a great rest of the day.  He offered Saturday night to get up with Piper in the middle of the night. . . .what a dear-I love him so much!

This morning, after almost a full night of sleep (I only had to get up to make the bottle!), I woke up very tired and feeling ready to become bitchy slightly cranky.  But then I had the reminder of yesterday (I think God is so cool how He brings things to our remembrance) and I had to consciously think, "I am always going to feel tired and not be able to do everything I want to do-I have 2 small children".  So I determined in my heart to make this day a good attitude day.

My family responds so quickly to my attitude whether it be good or bad.  I am learning that it is my responsibility as a christian, wife, and mom to have a right attitude in the face of the frustrating, exhausting, and sometimes unfair parts of life.  In the same way it is my responsibility to discipline my kids, make sure they get good food and sleep, work at my relationship with my husband, etc. I have the duty to keep my attitude in check. 

It is a work in progress and I may have to re-read this post 100 times, but I will get there!

By the way, we had a GREAT day as a family. . . .hopefully you all are impressed with my attempts at maturity :)!

At least my kid is picking up on attitude ;)

Note:  The only reason this picture is being posted is because it is the only one Mark took of Piper-I am aware of the way I look.  Brilliantly white with stringy hair. . . . wow.  Focus on the cute baby girl in my lap-it's less painful for everyone involved.

Isaac inspecting the wading pool at our friend's house.

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