Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cleaning Christy

Cleaning Christy stopped by for a visit today. . . . CC as I will call her from now on is my split personality that comes out on whenever the house needs cleaning. 

I have the amazing ability of going from a relatively normal, pleasant, some would even say kind person to this obsessed, b***hy, crabby woman Mark has "affectionatley" termed Cleaning Christy.

She would like me to share her thoughts on her behavior-and for the record I am not saying she is right or normal or anything. . . I am just letting you see CC's side of the story.

A little history about how CC came into existence:

I hate to clean-with a passion.  Remember those lists you would make about what would you do if you won the lottery or made a million dollars?  My list always had a cleaning lady on it. . . . I would pass up new cars, massages, clothes, etc. to have a cleaning lady.

Have I mentioned that we have 2 kids. . . . and a dog. . . and my husband & I both work full time outside the home.  And we have moved 3 times since August 2009. . . .

So our house looks like this:

Did you really think I would post a picture of what our house looks like right now??????  I am all for being open and honest, but seriously you must be crazy to think I would be THAT open and honest.  Just know that my house looks nothing like any magazine cover, HGTV design star, Martha Stewart, you name it show. 

It looks lived in. . . . as in 4 college guys lived in who have a thing for legos, trucks and coloring books.

So anyway back to CC stopping by for a visit.  I wanted to get the house a little picked up for our babysitter that was coming over at noon today. . . . and we got home from church at 10:45.  Enough said, right? 

In CC's defense, it is just hard to even remotely know where to begin when all she sees is toys everywhere with no place to go.  Bare walls from having "just" moved in 2 months ago.  A kitchen full of dirty dishes and an odd assortment of toys, paperwork and candy on the counter that can't seem to find a home anywhere else.  Clothes (clean though) everywhere since we lack closet space and the time to organize a better solution. 

CC just gets so frustrated because when do you find time to 'keep house' when you work 40 hours/week and then you get home and want to spend time with your kids because you only get to see them for 3 hours/day?  Once they are in bed, all CC has energy for is a shower (maybe) and then off to bed because CC knows one of her beloved kids will be up sooner than later and for who knows how long (see previous post). . . so she need what sleep I can get. 

CC has no time/energy to settle in and yet is tired of living like this move is temporary (and its not, I vow to not move again for at least 5 years). . . . . and frankly, so am I.

So, Cleaning Christy came for a visit today.  She is gone now but until I win the lottery or have kids who sleep through the night (and the odds are about even on either one), I am sure she will be back.

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