Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A lesson in frustration

So I was trying to be all fancy today and I added the little box to the left of your screen where it says you can subscribe to get an email every time I add a new post. . . and I have tried 4 times to get it to work, but alas it is smarter than me.  The box shows up but so far no updates.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am ready to throw the computer through a window.  I hate feeling dumb when it comes to technology, but I have no clue what feeds are and if I want to to be a RSS, Owl, Atom, Bob or whatever (ok so I made Bob up).


Okay I am over that for the moment.

Mark & I had an evening out tonight.  Very much needed as we have been a little less than loving towards each other this past week.  Lack of sleep will make you lash out and say the rudest things in the world. . . .I know we hurt the ones we love because they are a safe place but seriously. . . we needed muzzles a few times.

So Grandma and Grandpa came to the rescue and Mark & I had a hot date that consisted of Hobby Lobby (stuff for the kids rooms), Krolls Diner (2 for 1 burger platters including a shake-yummy!) and Barnes & Noble to do my favorite past time. . .READ! 

So funny how kids change so many things, but honestly in regards to what we do on dates, not much has changed.  We have never been the go out to the bars, concerts, night life kind of people.  We have always just really enjoyed being together doing whatever.  I am so glad that this has remained a constant for us.  I think my sister (and others) think I am a bit of a bore in that regard, but we make fun out of whatever we do.  And besides, if we went out for a night on the town it would be an early one because 2 drinks and I am sleeping!!!

What are some favorite date things you like to do?  By the way, I will comment on my own post if no one else does!!!  And keep it PG rated. . . .my kids will read this someday!


A.H. Sistad said...

When Andy and I go out we don't do anything. We usually just grab some fast food and drive and drive and drive. I love it. We talk a lot while we're driving around. Usually about nothing in particular, but that's needed too! A lot of the times we find ourselves out in the middle of nowhere and we just pull over and watch the sky. That's what our dates consist of. :) Nothing big, most people would say boring, and usually just spent on fast food and gas!

Christy said...

Heidi-So happy to hear that Mark & I aren't the only ones who enjoy "nothing" dates. . . .and yes talking about the important and unimportant things is so needed. . . .thanks for commenting!