Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Weekend

Yes, I realize it's not the weekend. . .yet, but in anticipation of a fun Father's Day weekend with my family at the lake I thought I would reflect upon why we live for the weekend.

When I was a teenager I loved the weekends.  It meant no school, no homework (at least not until 10pm on Sunday night).  It meant Friday night plans with friends, Saturday sleeping in and cartoons (yes I loved cartoons even then) and then hanging out with friends.  It was how I thought the other 5 days of the week should be lived.

Once I got married, I still loved the weekends.  It meant no work, sleeping in and getting odds and ends (the fun kind like decorating, not cleaning) done around the house.  It meant Saturday morning breakfast at Perkins and random day trips or just driving around looking at houses we would like to one day buy.  It was Sunday morning church followed my Sunday afternoon naps to Nascar (really there is nothing better to nap too).  It was how I thought the other 5 days of the week should be lived.

When we had kids, I LOVED the weekends.  For the first part of Isaac's life I was a stay at home mom-a job I loved in a lot of ways, but learned was not for me in a lot of ways too (a whole diferent story for another time).  But weekends at that time meant HELP!  It meant that I was not the only one responsible for Isaac and I could actually shower and eat without a little person crying or crawling in my lap demanding attention.  But it also meant fun family bonding time.  It was a great time to watch Mark interact with our son and to begin to build family memories.  Once Piper arrived and I knew I would be returning to work, weekends were less about the help (although I still looked forward to it) and more about spending time together as a family.  I realized even before returning to the working world that I needed to spend quality time with the kids and Mark as the amount of time I had with them would soon be limited.

As the kids get a little older and we are able to do more activites, it seems like the weekends get almost as busy as the work week.  I love activities and being on the go, but I hope we never lose the part about weekends I love the most. . . being able to relax, hang out in pajamas and spend quality time with my family. Oh and dream about sleeping in again. . . someday.  After all, that is how the other 5 days should be lived

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